Monday, 25 July 2016

Reference Term Paper

Writing a good paper on reference should be studied and done by every student. As a student, you must also be creative. You should not just base your mind on looking at other papers, taking from knowledge but adding non to it. If you have been asked to compose a reference paper, the following guidelines should be of help to you:
Your reference paper must have a topic. This is necessary for your paper because it is the bases on which the whole of your research will revolve. The topic of your reference paper should be about something of great interest to you and to your readers. The topic should be narrowed towards a particular aspect in life; maybe in an aspect which you have lots of experience in. This is a way to show your teacher and your readers that you have mastered your coursework. Remember that it will be impossible to conveniently and confidently talk about what you have not mastered.
A reference paper has a good topic sentence. A good topic sentence is that which reflects the title of your research paper and brings out what runs through each of the paragraphs. Take note that there is no rule as to where to place your topic sentence. It can either be placed at the beginning of your paper, at the middle or at the end of your paper. It could be placed at the beginning of the paper to tell of what is to come in the paragraphs. It could be placed in the middle of your paper to serve as a link or transition between what you have announced and what you are still to bring out. It could be placed at the end of the paper. This third situation is rare but it is used when the writer is attempting to plead his or her case to the reader to have the same opinion with him or her. The details of the argument may be summed through the paragraphs, and then in a spectacular way, the topic sentence is introduced.
A reference paper should be able to leave an impression in the minds of the readers. Your term paper should move from a mere piece of writing to something extraordinary. Therefore, revise and edit your paper to perfect your English. Keep in mind that the ability to make mistakes is inherent in every scholar, but the ability to recognize and correct these errors is something rare. This is what makes your project a reference to other scholar.

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